Composting Update

Last year, I took an environmental science class and focused my final project on composting. I used two different methods; vermiculture  and heat composting to determine what method is the most effective in decomposing food scraps. It was determined that composting with worms was the most effective because the worms could repopulate and eat more food scraps.

A couple posts ago, I gave a brief description on how to start your own worm bin. After having a worm bin for almost a year, I decided I would give you an update.

  1. They are so easy to make. There is literally no excuse not to make your own bin. Some companies will charge close to $100 or more for a composting bin which is totally not worth it when you can make your own for $20. (DIY for the win!)
  2. Upkeep is super easy. You just have you worm friends chilling in you bin and feed them the things that would typically go into the trash. The old pepper you left in the back of the fridge, the apple that has been sitting on the counter for too long and look nasty to eat, the egg shells from baking cookies. What ever left over natural (nothing processed, EW) food scraps you have go right into the bin.
  3. They repopulate fast. Once you get a comfy home going for them they will repopulate and be able to eat even more food. It is pretty great because after a couple of weeks you can use the decomposed soil to pot flowers for you porch, herbs for your kitchen or soil for your garden. There is even a market for composting worms. If you have too many, just put an add on ebay and you can make some money off of your worm friends! Its a win-win for everyone!

Here are some pictures of my bin. Happy composting!


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